Our Mission

International Breast and Medical Missions, Inc.: is an organization support by people who loves what they do and truly believes that they can make a difference one patient at a time!  It is an approved 501(c)(3) organization.  The goal of the non-profit was to provide a stable organizational infrastructure in order to more effectively organize and carry out future medical missions to Burma and other countries in similar medical need, and to attract the financial support of current and prospective patrons.

IBMM was initially found by Dr. Ayemoethu Ma, a breast surgeon who was originally from Myanmar.  Dr. Ma and her team has led and participated in several such medical mission trips by (i) performing surgeries, (ii) conducting medical evaluations, (iii) training local clinical personnel and (iv) otherwise offering assistance to the country’s beleaguered healthcare system and its underserved population.



What We've Achieved

  • upgraded laparascopic equipments at the Mandalay General Hospital
  • Provide medical and surgical treatments
  • Lectures to local providers
  • Training workshops in breast biopsies